Host Your Website


To be a website that anyone can visit by going to the address, the HTML files need to be stored on a server. It's easy to store your website on GitHub's servers. If you've completed the Open Sourcerer Skill and have a GitHub account you're well on your way!

Create the Repo on GitHub

Log on to your account at and click create a new repo (for help, see this challenge in the Open Sourcerer Guide).

Push Local files to GitHub Repo

Put your website file(s) in a folder on your computer and in Bash, navigate to that folder (for help on navigating in Bash see this challenge). Make it a git repository:

git init 

Next, connect that local folder to the repo you just created on GitHub. On the Github page for the repo gab the HTTP address and type this into Bash:

git remote add origin

That sets up that remote (on repo as the origin. Now push your local files to it:

git add .
git commit -m "all the files"
git push origin master

Create a Branch to have Website Hosted

All you have to do to make this a live, hosted website is create a new branch named gh-pages with these same files. Create the branch:

git branch gh-pages 

Move into that branch and push your files to GitHub:

git checkout gh-pages
git add .
git commit -m "commiting files to gh-pages branch"
git push origin gh-pages

Now, automatically, your website is hosted by GitHub and you can visit it at